Salvatara Crowd is a platform that connects people (individuals, companies and/or investors), big or small, to legal cannabis businesses to buy plants or invest in those businesses.

Medicinal cannabis uses cannabinoid from the hemp and cannabis plants to treat diseases or other conditions. With over 100 different cannabinoids existing, there is an entire spectrum of benefits for a variety of health purposes. Cannabinoids can be consumed in oil, powder or plant form, in a variety of different products, from edibles to tinctures, smokable flower and pills.

There are four options to buy plants.

The minimum option is called ‘ROOKIE’, which costs € 50,00, $ 60.00 or zł 250,00 and has a duration of 3 months + min. 14 days.

The next option is called ‘BEGINNER’, which costs € 700,00, $ 805.00 or zł 3500,00 and has a term of 1 year + min. 14 days. This option has 4 harvests within the 1 year.

The other two options have a duration of 2 or 3 year. The first option is called ‘EXPERT’, with which you buy 1 plant for € 1900,00, $ 2185.00 or zł 9500,00. The second option is called ‘MASTER’ with which you buy 1 plant for € 3300,00, $ 3795.00 or zł 16500,00. Both have 4 harvests within every year.

You first create an account on www.salvataracrowd.com and fill in all your details. Next, as a Crowd Grower, you have 4 options. Choose the option and payment method and you are good to go.

You will then see your (first) revenue after 3 months + min. 14 days.

In order to become a Crowd Grower, you must be either 18 years or older (depending which country you live).

When you harvest the crops from cannabis plants, they are still full of water, which makes up about 75-80% of the weight. If you harvest 100 grams of fresh crops, you will only have 20-25 grams left after curing

You buy plants from crops that have already been sold. The crops just need to be delivered to the buyer and your selected plan will make that possible. When the crop is delivered to the buyer, payments are made to Salvatara Crowd and our Crowd Growers receive the revenue on their plan(s).

Yes, we are happy to receive you and are honored for the chance to show you your plants and meet the team.

Salvatara is the cultivation, manufacturing and export division. Salvatara Crowd is the finance, sales and investment division. 

Salvatara Crowd will not give tax advice to any of our Crowd Growers. Each country has its own tax legislation and we advise that you consult with a tax professional in your respective country.

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